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Tyreright Ulverstone

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1 South Road Ulverstone TAS 7315
03 6425 2011

Tyre Right Ulverstone has you covered for all of your tyre needs. With state of the art wheel alignment technology and first class customer service, Tyre Right has everything you need when it comes to gripping the road.

Properly balanced tyres are important for driving comfort and tyre life, as well as performance. Proper inflation is just one of the essential ingredients for keeping tyres in optimal condition. Wobbly or unbalanced tyres induce unnecessary wear on tear on your vehicle leading to more costly, repairs more frequently.

The saying goes that your car is only as good as its tyres, and Tyre Right is the place to bring your vehicle for the best advice, service and top quality products.

Don’t forget, you can now book your appointment online, just visit their website.