xmas 2019 wings

xmas 2019 wings

Hampton Peters Real Estate

6431 3373.
20 Alexander Street, Burnie.


Every agent blows their trumpet. How good they are; how they are number one. But what if you really are a good agent? Far and away THE BEST AGENT?!! How do you cut through clutter so people in the North-West discover that: “Hampton Peters are what we need in an agent”. 

Instead of telling you about us, let’s talk about you, as our client: At Hampton Peters we are not number one. YOU ARE NUMBER ONE. Always. When you are selling, we focus on getting you the BEST PRICE. All agents say that, but we GUARANTEE IT. We believe every dollar is important to you. We believe: Selling with Hampton Peters means THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS MORE to you and your family. That’s what we do for you. No risk of loss. We don’t ask you to pay advance advertising. That’s not being best, that’s a joke.

You’ll get best price and best service. Guaranteed. Risk-free. No joke. We’re serious.

If you are buying, you need the best home in your price range. At Hampton Peters, buyers love our range of homes. We focus on your happiness. Your happiness comes first. Always. If you’re investing, we look after your home like our own. If you’re renting, we’ll never call you a tenant. You’re a valuable customer.

Renting, Investing, Buying, Selling: Hampton Peters. Truly your agent. GUARANTEED.

Thanks to all who support us. Your appreciation is always our best payment.