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Kate Bush's Message to Aussie Pub Choir Who Sang Running Up That Hill

What happens when 1600 strangers have a couple of drinks and then learn to sing the Kate Bush hit "Running Up That Hill" in 3 part harmony?

Well, they make an awesome video that the singer sees and responds with a message of thanks.

Watch the video to see the glow of energy provided by the group who are obviously having the time of their lives. 

Kate sent the message via her publicist and it was shared on social media by Pub Choir Founder Astrid Jorgensen.

It says..

"Dear Brisbane Pub Choir, I've been so busy that I've only just had a chance to watch all of you singing RUTH.

It's utterly utterly wonderful! I love it so much!

Thank you everyone. You sing it really beautifully. I'm incredibly touched by your warmth and all your smiling faces.

Thank you!"

Running Up that Hill was originally released in 1985 and has seen a recent resurgence topping the charts once again thanks to its appearance in the Netflix TV series Stranger Things.

It's here that the song has hit a chord with a new audience and has seen many new covers. It's going to be hard to top the energy and warmth generated by the Pub Choir though, who absolutely nailed it.