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This 20-cent Coin Could Earn You Over 4K

This simple fact will have Australians dragging out the old money box full of silver coins and hunting for a rare collector's item that is worth around $4,500.

Michael from Coincollecting_detecting on Tiktok created this video where he goes through the types of rare 20-cent coins that people are searching for.

He talks about some coins that were minted in Canada that have the Platypus with a half-claw that can be worth something and also some coins with pointy "A's" in Australia that can be worth around $10.

But the big one to look out for and it sounds super rare is the coin with the double queen's head. No not an image of a Queen on one side of the coin with two heads (although if you see one of those I'm sure it's worth a lot). 

The 20-Cent coin actually has Queen Elizebeth II wearing the "Girls of Great Britain and Ireland" diamond tiara head printed on both sides of the coin. He says it comes from a 1974 minted coin and it's been said to be sold for a whopping $4,500. 

Surprisingly that's not the only 20-cent worth a bit. Watch the video as he explains that coins with a wavy baseline under the 2 can be worth between "$250 to $4000". 

Now, what was that crashing sound? ah yes... the sound of a million moneyboxes across the country being smashed open all at once in search of a coin that could relieve the current interest rate hike on your homeloan.

Watch here

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