Latitude data breach: licence replacement fee waiver

March 21, 2023 2:41 am in by

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Tasmanians affected by the Latitude data breach are now entitled to receive a replacement driver licence or personal information card free of charge.

Minister for Infrastructure and Transport, Michael Ferguson, said that as an important identity protection measure, replacement licences will be processed as a priority.

“We already have the systems in place to immediately replace licence numbers and issue new licences on notification of fraud or compromise of the licence details and we are making it free for those affected by the Latitude breach,” Minister Ferguson said.

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“We currently expect that several thousand Tasmanian licences may potentially be affected however we are working to determine a more definitive number.

“Effective immediately, the fee of $11.49 will be waived for those Tasmanian driver licence and personal information card holders who can demonstrate that they have had their licence details disclosed as part of this breach.

“Those impacted by the data breach can visit any Service Tasmania shopfront to arrange a new licence number and a replacement licence card.

“This is the same approach we took following the recent Optus breach, recognising that Tasmanians shouldn’t have to incur the cost of replacing a potentially compromised licence or card.”

As with the previous breach-related fee waiver, to access the free replacement licence customers will need to present evidence from Latitude that they have been impacted by the data breach or sign a statutory declaration to state that their personal information was compromised .

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Once confirmed a new licence number and temporary licence will be issued on the spot and a new card will be dispatched in around 21 days. The cancelled licence number will also no longer validate through the national Document Verification Service.


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