Police cracking down on youth crime

September 18, 2023 10:12 am in by

Police have cracked down on recent youth crime in Ulverstone, according to a report to be tabled at Monday night’s Central Coast Council monthly meeting for September.

The report, from the Central Coast Community Safety Partnership Committee, says police have intervened in perceived gang activity quite heavily with youths involved and issues have since reduced.

It follows a recent police crackdown on youth crime in the Burnie CBD, which led to a number of arrests and charges being laid.

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Police say the issues in Ulverstone seem to have now settled down.

The report says hooning activity, vandalism around public toilets and break-ins at the West Ulverstone Family Learning Centre, currently under construction, continue to be an issue, but police have increased patrols in affected areas.

Police have also asked concerned shop owners to call them if they feel intimidated by groups of youths loitering near their business, as police have the power to move them on if they believe there’s potential for a crime to be committed.


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