Where do you think speed cameras should be set up?

January 19, 2024 10:17 am in by

Anyone who thinks speed cameras are being used by the State Government for revenue raising, will now have an opportunity to suggest where they should be deployed.

The Government says the cameras are a road safety aid, with many motorists perplexed by the locations they are being used.

Police Minister and Braddon MP Felix Ellis says members of the public who witness speeding or hooning in a particular area, can now suggest locations where the cameras can be used to improve safe driver behaviour.

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Suggestions can be lodged with an on-line form at

Mr Ellis says it can be a country road, busy city street, or anywhere in between because cameras can easily be moved around the state.

Late last year the Government introduced speed, seatbelt and phone detection cameras, which in their first four months of operation detected 43,793 speeding offences, 420 mobile phone offences, and 654 seat belt offences.