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Competition watchdog to investigate banks

COMPETITION WATCHDOG TO INVESTIGATE BANKING SECTOR:* Investigate prices charged for residential mortgages across entire market, including by major banks, smaller banks, and non-bank lenders;* Consider how banks make pricing decisions, including passing on movements in...

Cop bill over climate change protest

Hundreds of thousands of dollars will be spent on overtime for police officers who worked during week-long climate change protests in MelbourneVictoria Police Commander Tim Hansen said on Sunday the force was still totalling the...

Cops catch driver at four times over limit

An unlicensed driver has been nabbed behind the wheel while allegedly more than four times the legal alcohol limit after other frightened drivers alerted police.

Perth traffic stop turns into drug bust

A driver who was stopped by police in Perth will appear in court after he was allegedly found with several drugs, including cocaine, MDMA and anabolic steroids.

Ban on QLD teacher drunk in class

A female teacher who fell asleep in a drunken stupor in a Year two classroom and failed to notice a student being punched has been suspended from teaching in Queensland.