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Embezzler gaoled


A Launceston woman who ripped off her employer by generating fake invoices and paying herself will have to serve at least half of a 14-month prison sentence before the chance of parole. 

28-year-old Emma Louise Wilson pleaded guilty to 19 counts of forgery, 50 counts of insertion of false information as data, also admitting a count of dishonestly acquiring a financial advantage.

The Supreme Court heard Wilson stole more than $120,000 from her construction firm over two years, using the money to pay for restaurants, clothing and interstate trips.

"The courts have a duty to impose sentences which attempt to make clear that those who may be tempted to steal money in breach of trust should expect harsh punishment," said Justice Robert Pearce in sentencing.

"Only then will sentences operate as an effective deterrent.

"It is unlikely that the defendant will be able to repay the money she obtained, at least for a very long time."