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Pandemic payment torment

More grievances are being aired about road blocks to accessing government financial assistance programmes.

Labor leader Rebecca White has outlined the woes of another tenant in hardship getting the runaround in accessing the state's rent relief fund, because of the landlord refusing to 'play ball.'

Minister Elise Archer told parliament, the Residential Tenancy Commissioner is onto the case.

"That particular instance there was a new person working on (the case), he apologises for that error, he will be looking at that one personally. I would like to advise that where parties are unable to reach agreement with their landlord there is a discretion to pay tenants directly."

It follows multiple voices slamming the perceived inequity of the state government's $15,000 Small Business Hardship Grants scheme.

On WIN Television, John from Steve's Grill in Launceston vented how ropable he is.

"In our instance, three and a half weeks after we put in the application into the government and getting our accountant do all the work and make sure that we passed, we were then told that the government has reassessed it and cut it from $15,000 back to $4,000. To be honest I am horrified, I would love to talk to the minister (Sarah Courtney) and ask her is this the way that she treats small business."

Premier Gutwein has committed to reviewing the scheme.