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State of emergency extended

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Tasmania's state of emergency, giving the government sweeping powers including quarantining interstate visitors, will be extended until the end of next month as Victoria's coronavirus situation remains tense.

Police Commissioner Darren Hine will continue in his role as State Controller for the time being.

Premier Peter Gutwein, who briefed the Labor and Green Leaders this morning on the situation, says the powers are vital for swift responses during the pandemic.

"Obviously, using the emergency powers, the State Controller has acquired land near the TT Line port to ensure we can park vehicles; we took over the North West Private Hospital when that was required," said the Premier at a Thursday morning briefing.

"With Victoria having a six-week period where they have lockdowns in place, our state of emergency will dovetail over that and fall in line with the public health emergency." 

It follows yesterday's announcement of a hardline border lockout for Victorians, who'll be turned back to the mainland on arrival at their own expense, while Tasmanians who've spent time in Victoria will have to go into hotel quarantine. 

The Premier has left the door open for possible hotel exemptions for Tasmanians returning from medical treatment in Melbourne. 

"Obviously we need to ensure that they are safe and that they are receiving the medical treatment they require, but also that we keep Tasmanians safe," he said. 

"Whether or not somebody would need to be looked after in a government hotel, whether that's suitable or not, would be dealt with on medical advice, and obviously subject to them being able to be cared for at home suitably in a quarantine environment." 

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