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Speed limit cut gets go-ahead


Hobart CBD drivers will have to get used to lower speed limits as of February, after the state's Transport Commission gave proposed Hobart City Council reductions the nod.

A new 40 kilometre an hour limit will apply in the area bounded by Harrington, Melville, Campbell and Davey Streets, although Davey and Macquarie will remain at 50.

The current 30 k limits in parts of Elizabeth and Davey Streets won't change.

Lord Mayor Anna Reynolds says it'll improve congestion by reducing crashes.

“In the past five years, there have been 833 reported on-road crashes in Hobart’s CBD – that equates to 13 crashes every month, or nearly one every two days,” Cr Reynolds said. “It’s particularly sad to note that about 130 crashes resulted in injuries and three in deaths that changed many lives forever," said Councillor Reynolds. 

“A speed limit of 40km/h or lower is standard in many Australian CBDs and high-pedestrian areas as a means to reduce the risk and severity of crashes. Traffic travelling at slower speeds means less damage caused and more reaction time to avoid crashes.”