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Broadmarsh bushfire investigation

TasNetworks is committing to a review following one of its contractors setting off a bushfire at Broadmarsh in blistering conditions on Monday.

The contractor's been found to have not breached a Total Fire Ban in using gelignite underground in pole replacement works.

Sparks from the old pole coming down was behind the fire which was kept to 6 hectares, but angered locals for the potentially more serious destruction it could have caused.

TasNetworks’ Head of Network Operations, Jason King, said the business routinely reviews all incidents for possible learning and improvement.

“Safety’s our top priority. We take extra safety measures and restrict our activities during Total Fire Bans,” Mr King said.

“While this incident didn’t involve any fire ban rule breaches, and the contractor was allowed to use underground blasting, we understand some Tasmanians’ concerns.

“Despite the findings of the TFS investigation, we’ll be reviewing the incident, as well as work practices under Total Fire Ban conditions,” he said.