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Petition hits parliament

A West Coast petition with 814 signatures appealing for the reinstatement of the direct bus service connecting the region with Hobart, has entered state parliament, courtesy of Labor MP Anita Dow.

Citing a lack of patronage, the three day a week service ceased on March 10th, which locals claim was sprung on them with less than a fortnight's notice.

The clerk of the lower house read their grievances to parliament, detailing how a return bus trip to Hobart now takes days, involving overnight accommodation on the North West Coast.

"It has limited study, work, medical and travel opportunities leaving many students stranded on either coast, many tourists are no longer able to travel to Queenstown and Strahan due to the lack of public transport. Previously visitors to Lake St Clair caught the bus back into Queenstown and Strahan, exploring much the coast has to offer, with the removal of the service they no longer have this ability, this reduction in tourism will see a direct impact on local businesses further damaging our ability to offer tourist and work opportunities."