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Rats and mice growing onslaught

Mouse Pixabay

Tasmania's annual invasion of rats and mice into homes has all the ingredients, so far, to be on the more severe side than usual.

A warmer Summer and Autumn and plenty of food creates an ideal setting for breeding. 

Scorpion Pest Management's Jason Eyles suspects once the Winter chill sets in, rats and mice will be on the march.

"We've had pretty high seed loads on grasses, especially in the rural areas, that tends to help the breeding population, so with the cold weather, obviously if they've got food very close, they will find your house a nice little warm place to stay." 

He's found that although an extended wet and cold snap has yet to materialise, rodents are already heading indoors.

"A couple of weeks ago we were just starting to get two to three calls on a average a day, but now we're starting to get four or five calls, I'd imagine if we do get another real wet and cold spell, our phone probably won't stop ringing, just like every other pest controller."

Jason has some tips for limiting their impact.

"Number one thing is to actually make sure all the holes around the outside of your house are sealed, just to stop the mice and rats getting in, secondly don't bait your roof cavity, that's a big no-no because it's a food source for the rats and mice, you are only going to draw more and more in."

Baiting is typically laid underneath your home.