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Business group welcomes LNP win

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The state's peak lobby group for small business is breathing a sigh of relief after the Coalition's shock election win.

It coincides with calls from the Chamber of Commerce and Industry for more incentives to hire employees.

Tasmanian Small Business Council CEO Robert Mallett believes if the state is economically strong, the incentives will follow regardless.

"Incentives to hire employees are always fantastic but the best incentive is a strong economy. And so the stronger the economy can be, the more confident people can be, the more likely small business people will bite the bullet and take the risk of employing somebody in their business," he said. 

Ambitious economic reforms from the Opposition appeared to concern voters in the marginal seats of Bass and Braddon.

Mr Mallett believes a Shorten Government would have hurt business in the state.

"I don't think the Labor party had policies that actually grew our economy and grew the opportunities for people to take a risk in their small business. So what we were going to see, I think, was a shrinking of the smaller business economy and possibly a growing of the bigger one. But not something that was going to help our entire community."

Meanwhile the Tasmanian Premier is warning he's made some difficult decisions in the upcoming state budget.

Peter Gutwein says the bottom line has been hit by a $500 million write-down from the current budget with a big chunk taken from Tasmania's GST share and stamp-duty revenue.

It'll be handed down on Thursday, but it's unclear whether the budget will be in surplus or not. 

The state has been enjoying a lengthy period of economic growth, with several key reports showing strength in the tourism and retail sectors. 

 Image: Pexels