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Fatal Latrobe fire an accident

Latrobe fire

A house fire which claimed the life of a man on Tuesday night in Gilbert Street, Latrobe has been deemed an accident.

The Tasmania Fire Service says while the exact reason for the fire remains open to more than one possible cause, investigations have concluded it started in the living room and was not deliberately lit.

The unit had two smoke alarms installed which had been serviced within the last 12 months.

It's the third house fire fatality in Tasmania in as many weeks.

The TFS says there are steps people can take to be safe from the risk of fire in their home:

  • Installing and maintaining working smoke alarms in every sleeping area and hallway, including at the top of staircases.
  • Developing and practicing a home fire escape plan, so if a fire does start, everyone in the household knows what to do.
  • Keeping clothing and other flammable materials at least two metres from the heater and any radiant heat source.
  • Having chimney flues cleaned professionally twice a year.
  • Not overloading power boards and powerpoints.
  • Always using electrical equipment per the manufacturer's guidelines.
  • Installing a CablePI to detect wiring faults in the home (available from TasNetworks).
  • Clean out dryer lint filters before every use.
  • Switch off and unplug appliances when not in use.

Image: Supplied.