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Police unleash unmarked bikes

Unmarked police motorcycle

Unmarked police motorcycles are being rolled out statewide, to catch unsuspecting road users doing the wrong thing.

It follows a trial which detected 1000 offences in the first 3 months; one-in-four of those were people using their mobile phone while driving.

Inspector Darren Hopkins says the 3 unmarked bikes will now be used in conjunction with standard police motorcycles.

"Both have a reason and a purpose in Tasmania Police. The marked vehicles give high visibility so you can see police out there in the community. But there's always those that as soon as they see a marked police vehcile they slow down and behave themselves and the baviour is different when they think they're not being watched. This is how we watch you," he said.  

Authorities say the bikes allow police to penetrate traffic and get to accidents quicker.

"The unmarked motorcycles are fitted with full lights and sirens and three different models of motorcycle will be used," Police Minister Mark Shelton said.

"Motorcycle officers report that there has been a noticeable change in driver behaviour and the introduction of helmet-mounted recording cameras has led to only one person challenging an infringement.

"The program has also received strong public support with many motorists supportive of mobile phone enforcement and other offences that contribute to traffic congestion."