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TRASHED: school hit as Hobart cops bin-night blast

20190912 040113

UPDATE 7.30 AM THURSDAY: Goulburn Street Primary is closed today.

UPDATE 7 AM: the severe weather warning for the state's south, midlands and east has been cancelled.

Hobart's Goulburn Street Primary is one of the main casualties from severe weather which hit southern Tasmania on Wednesday night and early Thursday. 

Much of the main building's roof has ended up on Forest Road (pictured above), which has been cordoned off by police.

Emergency services have been kept busy with downed trees and other roof jobs around the state's south and east as damaging northwesterlies lashed the region. 

SES Crews dealt with a large restaurant fascia which had blown off a premises on Macquarie Street (below). 

20190912 033831

Thankfully, the Weather Bureau says the worst of it is over.

"We've got a cold front coming through this morning, so it has been very windy ahead of the front," said Meteorologist Debbie Tabor. 

"The winds will start to ease, but only very gradually, so they'll still remain fairly windy for the rest of the day.

"In Hobart the highest gust we got was 113 kilometres per hour, which is about 61 knots, and that occurred at around 2:45 this morning."

Nearly 6000 Tasnetworks customers in the Greater Hobart area - and others stretching as far south as Ida Bay - were without power around 5 am, with no timeline on restoration as dangerous conditions continue. 

To add insult to injury, the blast came through on Hobart's bin night, leaving toppled wheelie bins and garbage strewn around the streets. 

20190912 032358

For emergency assistance contact the SES on 132500.

20190912 032622

Damage at Mt Nelson. Images: Alex Jackson