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Dryer warning after fire

lenah fire

The Tasmania Fire Service is issuing a reminder about the proper use of dryers after investigators determined the fire that damaged a cafe in Lenah Valley overnight was caused by hot towels catching fire after being left in a dryer that had not finished its full cycle.

"Dryers must be used according to the manufacturers' instructions which includes ensuring they are allowed to run through their full cycle. This allows the items being dried to be cooled down during the cooling cycle to reduce the risk of the items getting hotter and catching fire," Leading Firefighter Justin Lownds said.

TFS crews were called to the fire on Augusta Road Lenah Valley just before 3:30am today.

Four fire crews from around Hobart attended to find a large fire in the roofspace, and were able to limit the spread of the fire to the ceiling, laundry and kitchen area.

The front-of-house area was saved from fire but the entire building sustained considerable smoke damage.

Image: Alex Jackson