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Fire permits brought forward

Fire pic

Tasmanian fire authorities are bringing forward fire permit periods for the state's parched east coast, in the wake of dire predictions for the upcoming bushfire season.

Permits will be needed to light fires in the Break O'Day, Glamorgan Spring Bay and Sorell local government areas as of Saturday September 28. 

TFS Acting Deputy Chief Sandy Whight is issuing the the state's bushfire season outlook on Thursday, with most attention focusing on the east coast strip between Scamander and the Forestier Peninsula.

She says there's plenty of dead fuel ready to burn, and landowners looking to conduct spring burnoffs should ensure winds are light and temperatures are low.

"The best defence against bushfires is knowing your risk and preparing accordingly. Now is the time for all Tasmanians living in bushfire prone areas to develop and practice bushfire survival plans, clean up yards and gutters, and remove flammable waste from around the home to create a defendable space," said Ms White. 

"A more 'normal' outlook for the rest of the state means we will have bushfires - that is normal for Tasmania. So the preparation message belongs to everyone."