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North Hobart parking under consideration

north hobart parking

A Hobart City councillor is firing back at accusations of a conflict of interest.

The proposed North Hobart multi-storey car park - which is up for discussion at tonight's meeting - is next to a property owned by Alderman Marti Zucco.

He says the council isn't making the decision to build the car park, merely considering the development application.

Yesterday, Lord Mayor Anna Reynolds cautioned all councillors who don't declare possible conflicts of interest.

"I have reminded all elected members that under the Local Government Act and the Elected Member Code of Conduct, an Alderman must not participate at any meeting of a council or council committee, or in any discussion on any matter, where that Alderman has an interest.  And that an Alderman must declare any interest that they have in a matter before any discussion on that matter commences."

Mr Zucco isn't impressed by the comments.

"Absolutely totally unncessary and I'll say this: very hypocritical. Because she signed a pledge to Hobart Not Highrise, who then went out and campaigned for people to vote for her. And she votes on matters involving Hobart Not Highrise," he said. 

"She needs to read Section 52 of the Act which very clearly says an elected official as long as he/she is acting for the greater good of Hobart - which is at least 5% of the population or 1000 people - has no conflict of interest. The car park will be benefitting not only the City of Hobart but also Greater Hobart."