Listen to Australia’s Best Stories on iHeart’s New Podcast “Find and Tell”

May 31, 2024 1:54 pm in by

If you love a good yarn, you’ll love this exciting new podcast series from iHeart Find and Tell. It’s a storytelling adventure that will suck you in and leave you intrigued to hear more! Picture this: four talented Australians unleashed to uncover captivating tales from all corners of the country.

Hosted by the fabulous Jamila Rizvi, this podcast is a battleground of narratives, where emerging storytellers compete to wow you with their best stories – only one will triumph as the Find And Tell champion.

What’s Find and Tell all about? It’s the hunt for Australia’s next storytelling stars, akin to those TV talent shows, but without the singing and swivel chairs.

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In the debut episode that aired on May 29, Ben Haywood and Kate Robinson kick off the competition with their Silver Linings stories. Ben delves into a village overrun by… teddy bears, while Kate crafts a touching tale of friendship during tough times.

Join Jamila Rizvi every week as she uncovers the best untold stories. Tune in every Wednesday to see who will seize the crown as the Find And Tell champ.

Listen now on iHeart Radio or wherever you get your podcasts.