Consumers ‘Ripe’ with Anger as Chocolate Bar Shrinks

May 2, 2024 11:43 am in by
Image: Reddit User - No-Loquat2221

Chocolate lovers across Australia are up in arms over the shrinking size of the beloved Cherry Ripe chocolate bar. The reduction in size, from 52g to 44g, has left many feeling short-changed as the price remains the same. Wait, what?!

For obvious reasons, the reduction in bar size has stirred some controversy online, with many consumers feeling duped by the ‘shrinkflation’ trend where products decrease in size while maintaining the same price. Many are calling for companies to be more transparent about such changes or to raise prices rather than reducing portion sizes.

Customers are angry over smaller Cadbury Ripe bars costing the same and are taking their frustrations to social media. (Image: Reddit User – No-Loquat2221)
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Some are even boycotting buying the chocolate bar in protest, with one social media user saying, “…Two bites and that’s your lot. Cadbury I’m done.”

Cadbury, the maker of Cherry Ripe, defended the change by stating it aligns with health guidelines set by the Australian Government’s Healthy Food Partnership. This initiative aims to help consumers manage their treat portions more effectively.

Consumer support for this favorite bar may have dropped temporarily. But give it a few weeks, and we’ll all be back buying our Cherry Ripe chocolate bars because they’re simply too delicious to resist!