Single Blokes are Searching the Stars for Romance

March 27, 2024 12:25 pm in by

Ever find yourself lost in the cosmic chaos when your Tinder date starts rattling on about star signs? Trust me, you’re not alone. For many of us blokes, the stars of astrology might as well be written in Klingon. Luckily help has arrived in the form of Matt Galea’s “Bloke’s Guide To Astrology x Dating” ; it’s pretty much a lifeline for the star-crossed and clueless.

Now, I know what you’re thinking: “Why should I care about what Mars is up to?” Well, my fine single friend, because understanding the celestial dance could be the key to unlocking a world of meaningful connections and, dare I say it, romance.

With astrology becoming hotter than Sydney Sweeney on a Hot Wings Episode, especially among Aussie singles, it’s time for us blokes to get in on the action. Matt’s guide is like a crash course in astro-dating, complete with all the tips and tricks you never knew you needed. Like this sort of stuff, a quick guide for ideal matches using your star signs.

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Let’s say for example that your date mentions their rising sign or retrograde Mercury – this guide has got your back without being completely boring. From decoding what makes each star sign tick (and what makes them ick) to learning how to schmooze your way into cosmic hearts, consider yourself armed and ready for a stellar night out.

@mattygaleax 5 secrets a Virgo will never tell you 🤫♍️ From my book, How To Spot The (Star) Signs. #astrology #starsign #starsigns #virgo #astrologytiktok #astrologysigns #fyp ♬ Funny – Gold-Tiger

Kirsty Dunn from Tinder reckons that “We know how important good profiles are, and adding interests and lifestyle choices are key. Our Bloke’s Guide to Astrology x Dating encourages guys to embrace astrology without fear and to give their profiles a zodiac update. It’ll help know the best opening line to use on a passionate Scorpio, how to respond when their match says they’re ‘Mars Ascendant’, or get the same fluttery feeling when they realise that their match is a Pisces and highly compatible. Zodiac is already a top 5 interest amongst both Aussie women and men, so using the stars could be the perfect conversation starter and a definite profile enhancer.”

The guide will set you up with all sorts of fun facts to interest your date like did you know that both male and female Leos are the most proud and likely to flex their zodiac on their profile as well as their job title, which is aligned with their ambitious and confident personality trait?

Also Capricorns are most likely to be looking for long-term relationships and text the most 

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As one of the more charming star signs, Librans on Tinder are the most proud to be social media maestros and shamelessly shout that they’re “socially active” on their profile descriptor 

The star signs gaining the most likes on the Tinder app are Virgo, Gemini, and Libra

So, whether you’re a Leo looking to roar or a Libra ready to charm your way into someone’s heart, the stars are aligning for some serious swiping success. Might be worth grabbing a copy of the Bloke’s Guide to Astrology x Dating which will also be a module at the School of Swipe soon, and let’s shoot for the stars – and maybe even land ourselves a date that’s out of this world!

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