The Official Age of becoming Uncool is 39, Says Study

May 13, 2024 9:55 am in by

Ever wondered when you’ll start to feel a tad “last season”? Well, a sprightly new survey by Talker Research spills the beans, and guess what? If you’re hitting 39, you might just feel the “cool” slipping away! This zesty research dove deep into Americans’ relationship with pop culture, from the beats of the music world to the buzzing of tech, not forgetting food, arts, and even the slang zipping around the streets.

According to the survey’s cheeky findings, a solid 49% of folks confessed they’re not exactly riding the wave of trends anymore. And while the ‘age of uncool’ varies a bit, 39 seems to be the magic number where many of us start to feel a bit out of the loop. But, hey, it’s not all gloomy in the land of “I used to be with it.”

On a brighter note, when it comes to chowing down on trendy eats, about 72% of participants feel they’re still in the game. Grooving to the latest tunes? Yep, 60% are nodding their heads in time. And, for those who’ve wondered if it’s just them or if celebrity news feels like reading a foreign language – you’re not alone. A whopping 35% admitted celebrities have them scratching their heads, wondering, “Who on earth is that?”

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The survey serves a hearty slice of life, revealing that while we might lose touch with some fads, there’s always something we can confidently chat about over dinner. For more juicy bits on what’s keeping us feeling hip (or not), check out the full scoop below.

Feeling Sharp On:

  • Food: 72%
  • Music: 60%
  • Social Media: 58%
  • Movies: 55%
  • Tech: 49%

Feeling a Little Fuzzy:

  • Slang: 40%
  • Celebrities: 35%
  • Arts: 34%
  • Fashion: 32%
  • Literature: 32%
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Remember, whether you’re 29, 39, or 99, there’s always something new to discover or an old favourite to rekindle. Stay curious!