To Bag or not to Bag? The Great Dog Poop Debate

February 16, 2024 2:17 pm in by

Is not scooping your pup’s poop a faux poo pas, or are you barking up the wrong tree? Let us unleash the debate on this tail-waggingly tricky topic! On the one paw, some dog owners like Aiden from Melbourne, argue that because dog waste is biodegradable, nature will just do its thing. After all, if the local law enforcement’s horses leave behind a ‘natural gift’ without consequence, why poop and scoop?

But here’s the ‘scoop’: dog poop is more than just an unsightly mess—it’s a biohazard boot trap! Left unchecked, these canine calling cards can spread nasty bacteria like E. coli and contribute to antibiotic resistance. In fact, rain can wash this waste into waterways, leading to pollution that impacts our health.

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While some dog owners may leave a trail of these troublesome tokens, let’s not follow the “if they jump off a bridge” logic. Many responsible pet parents do pick up after their fur-babies, even if it means running out of bags mid-walk or missing a stealthy squat. It’s not just about fines—it’s about community and environmental well-being.

Maybe consider swapping a four-legged friend’s leash for a litter box if avoiding the poop scoop is a must. And for those questioning the mounted unit poo-pass, well, it turns out some green-thumbed city dwellers actually prize horse manure for their gardens since it’s less risky than dog (carnivore) poo.

So, dear dog walkers, grabbing that bag might just make you the ultimate neighbourhood hero. Don’t just do it for the fines or to avoid the side-eye; do it because keeping the streets clean supports the whole community—including our four-legged friends.