xmas 2019 wings

xmas 2019 wings

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7AD is hitting the streets with the Boot or the Loot (CASH) every Friday morning and afternoon in September & October!

The first person to catch the 7AD Coaster with a 7AD Sticker will get the opportunity to pick the Boot or the Loot.

The Boot could have a dinner for two, a blingy piece of jewellery or a whoopee cushion - It could be anything.

AM Clue: Find us at your local supermarket in Spreyton!

PM Clue: The 7AD Street team have snuck off to play some Putt-Putt.

Don't have a sticker? You can collect one from the 7AD Studio at 2 Hillcrest Road, Devonport.

Boot or the Loot - what will you choose?