Tribunal upholds council evacuation order

May 8, 2024 10:45 am in by

The Tasmanian Civil and Administration Tribunal has upheld an emergency order issued by the Latrobe Council for the evacuation of a property at Shearwater being used to accommodate 40 seasonal migrant workers in February 2023.

The property owner took action against the council, claiming the order was inappropriate and there was no evidence of a threat to life on the property.

The tribunal It accepted evidence from the Tasmania Fire Service and the council’s independent building surveyors there were obvious fire hazards with 40 people living in over-crowded rooms with inadequate facilities and fire safety measures.

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Latrobe Mayor Peter Freshney says the ruling has implications for other councils and the fire service, and he’s glad the strain on council staff and resources is over.

However, Insight director Simon Baldock, whose company owns the property, says he hasn’t been advised of the decision and the matter will go to the supreme court, with the tribunal hearing simply a step in the legal process which will continue.